DIFACTO, a DIPOSTEL and MBM Industry & Rail Tech joint-venture

DIPOSTEL based in Saint-Aunès (France) with offices in Tres Cantos – Madrid (Spain) and Herne (Germany), and MBM Industry & Rail Tech, based in Purkersdorf (Austria) established a strategic partnership to promote their Friction Management solutions for the rail industry via two 100% European entities: DIFACTO Austria and DIFACTO France. Under the terms of the agreement, DIFACTO Austria will develop and manufacture solid stick products (consumables) and other Friction Management products with DIFACTO France having exclusive sales and distribution responsibility for all Friction Management products and related hardware, including µSTICK® Solid Stick solution technology.

DIPOSTEL and MBM, two leading supply rail businesses, are recognized for their expertise in the friction management field, and their innovative solutions for the optimization of the friction coefficient at the wheel/rail interface. Between the combined good offices, wholly owned companies and subsidiaries of DIPOSTEL and MBM, and our agents, we have a combined years of experience at all level within the Friction Management (FM) marketing and expertise of more than two hundred years. We are not a new company to this specialized field of FM.

MBM Industry

Words from our CEOs

“DIFACTO was created to combine decades of experience and knowledge of two European friction management experts in a joint venture of global scale. The railway system in its essence, is defined by the friction level at the wheel/rail contact. Consequently, wheel/rail friction technology and application is the focus of our work. DIFACTO offers friction management expertise and products to customers around the globe. It is our goal to play an important and leading role in making our railways a safe, quiet, and economic mode of transport for our future.”

Paolo DI NATALE & Stefan TOBER

µSTICK® – Technology & Features

μSTICK® is a simple and effective friction management solution for all transit and freight rail environments. μSTICK® system is a 100% dry, on-board, self-regulating lubricating solution that significantly reduces wear at the wheel/rail interface. The product is intelligently applied to the wheel when it’s needed, providing a constant thin-film of dry lubricant that achieves excellent protection to the wheels and the rail.

µSTICK® friction management solution is applied to the wheel via a vehicle mounted, spring loaded applicator and associated bracket assembly designed by our team of technical specialists. Each system is designed taking into account the vehicle type and duty, meeting the exact needs of the vehicle and rail environment. 3D modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allow for accurate and safe designs necessary to ensure matched interfacing with all vehicle types. μSTICK® system is reliable and approved by several rolling stock manufacturers and train operators worldwide.

UStick friction management solutions for rail industry - DIFACTO

DIFACTO solid stick are of two types

  • µSTICK® solid stick wheel flange lubricant
  • µSTICK® TFM solid stick friction modifier

All our hardware (brackets & applicators) and friction management consumables are manufactured in Europe. Hardware is manufactured to welding standard EN15085.

DIFACTO Friction Management product line also includes

  • Liquid Top Of Rail (TOR) friction modifier and related electric trackside units
  • Electric trackside rail lubricators
  • Liquid lubricants for wheel and rail
  • Traction enhancer (gel) and related electric trackside units
  • Sanding systems

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